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About a year ago, a friend of mine talked with me about my propensity to explode when things went wrong. She explained that I reacted much more violently than most people did, and she gently recommended counseling to help me with the problem. I was a little apprehensive about seeking treatment at first, but I realized that she was right, so I started looking around for ways to cope with the problem. I was able to find a great counselor who specialized in those types of services, and it was really incredible to see how much help they were. They walked me through coping with anger, and it was great. Check out this blog to learn more about counseling.


Reasons For Seeking Sex Positive Therapy

31 October 2019
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Sex positive therapy is getting therapy from a therapist who understands that sexual preferences and sexual expression are not bad things when these things are expressed in a safe manner. If you are looking for a sex positive therapist, then there are some things that you will gain many benefits from once you begin your therapy, and here are some examples of those things. Express yourself without worry of being judged Read More …

How To Protect Your Mental Health

19 August 2019
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Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Unfortunately, mental health isn't always prioritized as it should be. Every expert has tips on how to care for your body, but less emphasis is placed on how to care for your mind. If you want to protect your mental health, this is a great place to start. Here are four things you can start doing today. 1. Draw healthy boundaries. Read More …

Do You Keep Reliving The Scene Of The Car Accident Where You Stopped To Help? 3 Signs That You Could Benefit From Trauma Therapy

5 June 2019
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Most people don't ask to be a hero, yet you just couldn't stand by and watch when you knew that someone needed help. When a serious car accident occurs, it is common for bystanders to be there before the emergency responders. Your efforts to help save a life are honorable, yet you now must deal with the aftermath of being suddenly embroiled in a traumatic event. Unfortunately, it is common for people to deal with lingering effects scubas reliving the experience after a traumatic event. Read More …